Any Branch Banking:

All branches are connected to Central Data Base. Customer from any branch can walk in to any branch of the Bank and can deposit or withdraw money from his account. Customer can also deposit clearing cheques with any branch.

Internet Banking (Proposed):

In the increasingly virtual world of banking, internet banking has become a minimum necessity for customers while selecting their banks. E-commerce leveraging the power of internet has become a key component of alternate business strategies for banks and financial enterprises. As traditional modes of delivery of services become costlier, the power and capability of the solution to deliver exponential value to their clients with ease & security on their computers is a key differentiator.

This Internet Banking facility will be available in the near future. Internet banking solution seeks to deliver this value and more.

Key Features:

  • Specially designed information access & facilities for individuals.
  • Facility to link different accounts for one view of client holdings including credit cards, loan accounts.
  • Facility for balance inquiry, mini & detailed statement of transactions view & download in different formats such as excel, html or PDF files.
  • Bill Pay facility with presentation and direct payment mode.
  • Inter-account Fund transfer.
  • Standing Instructions & ad-hoc payment instructions.
  • Facility to link to different information & market data portals.
  • Facility to set-up alerts for credits or debits above/below threshold amounts.
  • Facility to lodge stop- payment instructions.