Cash Deposit Machine :

Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is self-service terminal that enables you to deposit cash without any manual intervention of the branch officer.

Now no need to fill deposit slips and stand in long queues at the cash counter. Deposit your cash through the simple and fast CDM installed in the branch and get instant credit in your account. To use the CDM, you need to know your CIN (Customer Identification Number).

Process :

  • On the machine first touch the space provided (Touch here to continue) this will take you to next screen

  • Enter your customer Id and the PIN

  • You will get a screen where all your Savings & Current Accounts will be displayed

  • Choose the account where you want to deposit cash

  • Your Account No., Branch and Name will be displayed for verification

  • If account is proper touch next

  • You will get next screen where you will be prompted to feed cash in the feeder, you can keep 500 notes in the feeder and press DEPOSIT, as the machine takes the notes you may put more notes in the feeder. Once deposit is over you may press FINISH or if you want to deposit more press ADD CASH

  • Once this process is over you will get the receipt and the amount will be credited to your account.

Benefits :
  • Instant credit in your account (CASA).

  • Immediate receipt

  • No need to fill deposit slips

  • No need to stand in long queues

  • No need to sort and arrange your cash denomination wise

Currently, these machines are available at our Vasco-Da-Gama Branch. Any customer of our Bank may use this machine to deposit cash.

* As per RBI guidelines, you may deposit only upto Rs.49,950/- per account per day if your PAN number is not recorded with the Bank. To deposit more then Rs. 49,950/- per account per day, please update your PAN detail by contacting Bank Branch.