SMS Banking :

CITIZEN Bank has launched SMS Banking facility for all our valued Banking Customers. This is a major step in providing information to our customers on their Banking Accounts.

Under SMS facility, there are two types of messages i.e. Push and Pull.

Push Message is a message sent by the Bank to customers. Pull Messages are messages initiated by the customer inquiring on specific issues.

Presently, we will be providing the facility of Push Messages to our customers. Pull Messages will be introduced shortly.

Push Messages for Banking Clients - This function refers to the messages sent by the Bank to the client. As an introductory offer Bank will be sending the following messages from time to time.

  1. Promotional Messages like New Product Launched, New Rate of Interest etc.
  2. Term Deposit maturity intimation (7 days prior to maturity)
  3. Inward Cheque Returned Intimation - This message will inform the client about return of inward clearing cheque (issued by client) for want of fund .
  4. Outward Cheque Returned Intimation - This message will inform the client about return of outward clearing cheque (issued by client) for want of fund.
  5. Debit /Credit Transaction Message will be sent for every new debit or credit in the account registered for SMS Banking for an amount of Rs. 5,000/- & above(ATM withdrawal or Branch cash deposit/withdrawal).
  6. Account overdrawn intimation - This message will be sent only for loan accounts. Message will be sent to the customer in case his installment towards the loan account is overdue.

The number to send the SMS messages is “922-009-4444”

Enter the message mode of your mobile phone and type the codes as shown below, and send them to 9220094444. Depending on the load conditions of your mobile phone service operator the message will be delivered to our system which replies instantly with a reply message as requested. e. g. If you type SBAL and send it to 9220094444, it will reply with the last five digits of your account number and the clear balance.

Some extra codes:-

SBAL (In case of single account ) (e.g. SBAL SBA 1234)

SBAL (In case of multiple accounts) Product Code Account No.
(e.g. SBAL SBA 1234 or SBAL CCL 3456 or SBAL ODACC 6789, SBAL CRA 6789)

LST3 (In case of single account ) (e.g. LST3 SBA 1234)

LST3( In case of multiple accounts) Product Code Account No (e.g. LST3 SBA 1234 or LST3 CRA 3456 or LST3 CCL 6789, LST3 ODA 6789)

FCHQ (for knowing status of Cheque issued by you drawn on The Citizen Co-op. Bank Ltd.) (e.g. FCHQ 876654 SBA 1234)

FCHQ (In case of multiple accounts) Chq no Product Code Account No (e.g. FCHQ 876654 SBA 1234, FCHQ 876654 CRA 1234, FCHQ 876654 CCL 1234, FCHQ 876654 ODA 1234)

You can do the following transactions by sending a SMS message to The Citizen Co-op. Bank Ltd. Currently the following transactions are available on The Citizen Co-op. Bank Ltd. SMS Banking:

Registration Process for Banking Customers :

Customers wishing to avail of SMS Banking Facility needs to be registered with the Bank by submitting Registration Form available on Banks website. The copies of the form will also be made available with the Branch.

The customer will complete a Registration to avail the SMS Banking facility.

In case of Joint Accounts, a letter of mandate for SMS Banking has to be obtained from the other Joint Holders authorizing the first holder to view, access the account.

The customer will submit the completed form and submit it to the Home branch(Branch where customer holds his account). The terms and conditions of SMS banking are also provided.

Eligibility criteria :

It is decided to offer this facility to Elite account holders (Current and Savings) as well as to New Term Loan account holders as a value added facility. Customer can link all his accounts like Savings, Term Deposit, Loan accounts & Demat account to avail this facility. Appropriate details of such accounts should be filled in the Application form by the customer. Service Charges:- Push Functions are being offered free to the customers presently. Please note that the availability of ‘SMS’ service to individual client is subject to availability of service from individual mobile operating company of the client.

SMS Banking Rules 1

SMS Banking Rules 2