Correspondent Banking

Correspondent Banking Arrangements

Customer can realize his outstation cheques within 7 working days, incase the same cannot be realized in local SPEED CLEARING.

We have Correspondent Banking Arrangements with:

  1. The HDFC Bank Ltd.

    (a) Your outstation cheques can be realized within 7 working days if your instruments are drawn on HDFC Bank’s Centers.

    (b) Customers can avail the facility of direct credit - Wherein our customers client can deposit the cheque at HDFC Bank without couriering the same. For this our customer should register for the said facility, on registration a code will be issued to him and under this code the cheques are to be deposited at any of HDFC Bank’s location, on realization of the said cheques, very next day the credit will be passed to the customer.

    (c) Customers can get Demand Drafts of HDFC Bank at the counters of our Branches.

  2. The Karnataka Bank Ltd.

    We have arrangements with Karnataka Bank Ltd. to issue Bank Guarantees (BG). Whenever our customers have a requirement of BG from a Scheduled Bank, we can issue the same through Karnataka Bank Ltd. without any delay.