Loan Schemes


Unsecured Loans

Eligible borrower :

  • Individuals (Salaried/Businessman), Partnership Firms
Sureties :
  • Two
Amount of Loan :
  • Upto the limits prescribed by RBI from time to time
  • Consumption, Business, Housing, Education, Medical Expenses, Ceremonial, Repayment of Debts, etc
Rate of Interest :
  • As decided by the Board and HO circulars
Repayment Period :
  • 3 years maximum.
Other requirements :
  • Documents in support of purpose of loan
  • Income proof of borrower and sureties
Documentation :
  • Loan Application in the appropriate Form
  • Joint & Several Demand Promissory Note
  • Agreement for loan
  • Agreement for salary deduction u/s 49 of MCS Act, if borrower/sureties is/are salaried persons
  • Any other document depending on the purpose/security of the loan