RuPay Debit Card


We are pleased to introduce you Citizen Privilege RuPay Debit Card which provides you anywhere, anytime banking facilities. Having this card in your wallet is like carrying your bank account with you wherever you go. This card comes with enhanced security feature as it is a PIN based card i.e. PIN is mandatory in order to perform transactions at Merchant Establishments (POS) and ATMs.

Your Citizen Privilege RuPay Debit card entitles you:

  • Rs.25,000/- for Savings Account & 35,000/- for Current Account daily ATM cash withdrawal limit

  • Citizen Privilege RuPay Debit card enables you to access over <1,20,000> ATMs spread across the country under NFS network. Presently, this card can be used at select Merchant Establishments (POS) displaying RuPay logo

  • Customer Service: You can contact our No. 0832-2511033 during working hours for any assistance regarding your Citizen Privilege RuPay Debit card. Very soon we will have 24X7 no. to serve all our esteem customers.

On receipt of your card, please:
  • Verify whether your name is imprinted correctly on the face of the card. If not, please contact your branch of issue.

  • Sign on the signature panel at the back of your card to prevent any misuse of the card

Fees and charges:
  • Issuance Fee: Free

  • Add on Card: Rs.100/-

  • Annual Fees: Second year onwards Rs.100/-

  • Duplicate card on account of loss of card: Rs.150/- plus taxes

  • Card Replacement fee: Rs.150/- plus taxes

  • PIN Replacement fee: Rs.50/-

  • Hot-listing of card fee: FREE

  • Transaction charges at The Citizen Co-op. Bank Ltd. ATMs: NIL

  • 5 transactions (Financial & Non-financial together) free on other bank ATMs for Savings Bank account & Current account holders, in a calendar month. 6th transaction onwards a flat charge of Rs.20/- (inclusive of service tax) for financial transaction and Rs.10/- (inclusive of service tax) for non-financial transaction will be levied to customer's account

Eligibility criteria:

   The eligibility criteria for RuPay Debit card is:
  • Salaried persons, Businessmen, Professionals, Proprietor and partners of Partnership firms.

  • All segments of customers

  • Individual Accountholders (Savings Account/Corporate Salary Accounts/Sole Proprietors/Current Account)

    Debit Cards cannot be issued under following conditions:
  • Account types with operating instruction other than of "self", "Either or Survivor" or "Sole Proprietor"

  • Visually impaired persons holding account jointly

Added features on RuPay Debit card:
  • Get mobile phone alerts for every ATM transaction or purchase transaction done using RuPay Debit card at ATMs or Merchant Establishments. Get yourself registered for Insta Alerts

  • Add-on Card: You can now share the RuPay Debit Card convenience with your loved ones. Simply gift them an Add-on Card. The person you are gifting the Add-on Card to does not have to be an account holder with the Bank.
    The Add-on Card can be issued for any Resident Indian individuals above the age of 18 year, you can specify a daily limit up to which the Add-on Cardholder can withdraw at any ATM or use for purchases. The transactions done through the add-on card will automatically get debited to your account.